Friday, October 10, 2014

Time Flies!

It’s homecoming for Denison High School this weekend and being a parent of a couple of DHS students I’m experiencing some of the pageantry of the event. Thursday was the Homecoming parade right down the middle of Main Street. It featured the homecoming queen nominees, club sweethearts, the band, football team, cheerleaders, drill team, color guard, and hundreds of adoring parents, grandparents, citizens, and friends.

All of that was great but what really caught my imagination in the parade were the echoes from the past, in particular the trailer carrying the 1984 State Champion football team.  They're all looking good, but you would have no trouble distinguishing them from the current team thirty years their junior.  Suddenly my mind shifted into fast forward imagining all the young, energetic young men and women who had passed my way decades from now returning to the parade as “echoes from the past.”

Ask anyone from the class of 1984 and they’ll all agree—time flies! One day you’re walking to class and the next day you’re thirty years older and riding on a trailer!

Life is a wonderful adventure that we sometimes let slip through our fingers not realizing how valuable and precious every moment is. Each day is a gift from God and how we choose to unwrap that gift makes all the difference in the world.

Hearing those echoes from the past reminds me of this and challenges me to embrace every day. To use it to glorify God, to be a blessing to those who share this day with me. But more than that these echoes remind me of my future—not just here, but in another land at another Homecoming. As my mind fast forwards to that day my heart is filled with a glorious anticipation—one that not only increases my longing to go home but also makes the journey so much sweeter!

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