Friday, November 04, 2016

Fly the 'W'

I’m not a Cubs fan but I am a baseball fan and watching the Cubs finally win it all was quite a site!  The celebration on the field after the final out of the final game is priceless.  Watching the celebration in the clubhouse as the trophy emblematic of the World Series Championship is presented to the team is remarkable.  But perhaps what’s most moving to me is seeing all the fans, young and old, celebrate in the streets of that great city.  It’s the defintition of pure joy.  Cubs win! Cubs win!  Cubs win!

And I love the “Fly the ‘W’” mantra.  After each Cubs win a white flag with a bold “W” is hoisted above the old and venerable playing field called Wrigley.  It serves as a reminder that the beloved Cubbies are winners and this time the “W” will fly with even more meaning.  Fly the ‘W’ Cubs fans and fly it with joy!

I’m not a Cubs fan but I am Christan and seeing the “W” fly reminds me of the victory we have in Jesus.  It reminds me that one day a joy and a celebration far greater than any other known in this world will be enjoyed by all of us who for years, decades, and even generations have longed to experience victory.

Today every Cubs fan will say the frustrations and failures of years of futility were all worth it.  They wouldn’t trade benig a Cubs fan for any other fandom on the planet.  Perhaps even the long wait has made this ‘W’ even sweeter.

What happened Wednesday night on a diamond in Cleveland that set off a celebration in Chicago and in the hearts of every Cub’s fan is just a preview of the great celebration to come.  Some Cub’s fans may have doubted that they would live to see the day when the “W” would fly after Game 7 of the World Series. But we have no doubt.  The “W” will fly and on that day we will have no regrets, just joy.  Pure and endless joy!