Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Back To School Prayer

A Back To School Prayer
(Offered at the Park Avenue Church of Christ as all our school staff was called to the front of the worship center)

Lord, I pray your blessing and favor over this school year.
I pray that as these young minds explore the wonderful world you have made that at every turn they may see You.

May they see you...
...in the beauty of art and music and literature
...in contemplating the marvelous universe you have created
...in the complexities of the human body
...in the struggle of competition
...in the reassuring logic of mathematics
...in the study of human behavior
...at work through the centuries of human history
...in the intricacies of information and technology
...in all the vastness of knowledge and truth

But above all...
...May they see you through these Christian teachers, administrators, and staff.
...Bless these people, your servants who stand before us this day, that your glory may shine through them.
...Grant them all wisdom and patience and love.
...Use them not only as disseminators of knowledge but as vehicles of truth, your truth.

We thank you for their hearts;
We pray for their protection;
We lift them up to you.

In the name of Jesus, through whom we see you most clearly, we offer this prayer.