Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Story, Chapter 31 - The End of Time

It's been a long journey - 31 weeks - but we have finally made it to the end of The Story. This journey leaves me with that awkward feeling I often have when reflecting on the past -- in a sense it seemed like we just began but in another sense it seems like Chapter One was so long ago. Our journey began in the cold winter days of February, breezed through the short Texas Spring, and survived the furnace of the record setting summer of 2011 and now ends on the tenth anniversary of one of the most infamous days in recent US history. In some ways I feel like a little kid in the back seat of my parent's car on a long road trip crying out that well-worn query, "Are we there yet?"

"Are we there yet?" - a curious question as we wrap up The Story. In one sense I get this feeling that we are there. The book of Revelation, as dumbfounding and cryptic as it is, makes some things absolutely sure: Salvation has been secured, God sits on his throne, and the evil one has been defeated. We are there!

But in another sense, even though victory is sure, we have to continue to wait until God finally puts a bow on this whole package. For reasons beyond our understanding the final trumpet has not yet sounded, the Fat Lady has not yet sung, the credits are not quite ready to roll. But sure enough that day will come. So even though salvation has been secured, the journey continues. We are not there quite yet.

This all leaves me a similar awkward feeling. In one sense The Story ends as if The Final chapter has been written but when the book is closed I realize that more chapters are to be written. And these chapters are, of course, the ones written not by others but by me.

The Story is now My Story. Your Story.

Write it well!

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