Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Story, Chapter 26 - The Hour of Darkness

Sometimes people's fortunes can turn on a dime. Ask Jack Polz. The Washington native woke up one Monday expecting it to be just another beginning of another week. The most excitement he typically had was gathering all the lottery tickets he bought throughout the week and setting down at the store he bought them at to see if he was a winner. Well, Monday, July 18 one of those tickets paid off big-time. Jack Polz was the winner of $6.4 million from the Washington State Lotto. Imagine the party that followed! His fortune turned on a dime!

Ask Hunter Pence. Last Sunday, July 31, Pence woke up as the starting right-fielder for the last place Houston Astros. Not only last place Astros, but worst-record-in-the-league Astros. He was putting up some decent numbers and had even played in the recent All-Star game, but the Astros were going nowhere fast. By the end of the day he had learned that he was traded to the first place Philadelphia Phillies. Not only the first-place Phillies, but the best-record-in-the-Major Leagues Phillies. The Phillies are a certain playoff contender and an odds-on favorite to represent the National League in the World Series. I bet pulling on that Phillies jersey immediately made Pence feel like a winner! His fortune turned on a dime!

Sometimes people's fortunes can turn on a dime.

In chapter 26 of The Story the fortunes of all mankind take a serious turn for the better. It first appeared to be just another Friday capping off a typical Passover celebration. It was a curious celebration given the fact that the controversial miracle-working rabbi Jesus had made his way into town to the praises of an adoring crown, but the Jews were still going nowhere fast. But by the end of that day we all turned out to be lottery winners. We all exchanged our loser's jerseys for those of champions. By the end of Friday our sin debt was cancelled -- paid for in full by an innocent man who willingly suffered the excruciating pain we all deserved.

Before that Friday death reigned. After that Friday life was resurrected.

Before that Friday guilt ruled. After that Friday grace took control.

Before that Friday hope was lost. After that Friday hope was found.

The fortune of all mankind turned on a dime. I guess that's why they call that Friday "Good Friday!"


Shelley Leith said...

Thank you Todd for your consistent, well-written, insightful entries about your journey through The Story. What a treasure this whole series is!

Shelley Leith
The Story

Todd C. said...

Thanks Shelley. We have all loved The Story! I'll be sad when we're through!