Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chapter 19 - The Return Home

When I was a kid I remember whenever I was in a place that had public telephones I would always check the coin return to see if I could pick up any extra change left behind by careless callers. It was rare to find anything but every once in a while I'd come up with a nickel or dime which for me was like a pirate digging up a buried treasure! However, one day I remember hitting the mother lode! I came upon several quarters left behind in two or three pay phones - it was by far the biggest payday of my treasure hunting exploits.

Come to find out, those coins were not left behind carelessly but were placed there by family members. Knowing my tendency to check all the coin returns they had set me up!!

Chapter 19 is a set up of sorts. After seventy years in exile God makes things happen. The Lord moves the heart of King Cyrus to send the Jews back to their land to rebuild what Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians had destroyed. Not only that but he opens up the treasury to fund the project AND returns to the Jews all the belongings of the temple that had been looted by Nebuchadnezzar. Everything just seems to fall into place, but behind the scenes we see that God is popping in the quarters to bless and restore his people.

In many ways I see my life like that as well. So many experiences I have had have just seemed to fall into my lap. An incredible and supportive family to raise me. Friends and professors who have richly blessed my life through my college years and young adulthood. A precious wife and an incredible family of my own. A church to minister in that really I really just stumbled upon.

As I look back at all the good things that have happened I know they are not because of my doing, nor do I believe that all of these have been a coincidence. No. I believe that behind the scenes God has been setting me up.

Too often we take credit for all the good things in our lives when really we need to praise God who richly provides for his people. Like a good parent, God delights in blessing his children and I believe he still delights in making things happen in our lives. So next time you stumble upon an unexpected blessing, look up and say thanks!

James 1:17

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights.

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