Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Thank You NBA

The NBA had their annual All-Star game this last Sunday. It was originally scheduled to be played in North Carolina but it was moved because there is a law in the Tarheel State that requires people with male parts to use a certain bathroom and people with female parts use another bathroom. I seem to recall that we used to call these people men and women, but I’m not sure if that’s right anymore. Anyway, the NBA declared this bathroom rule was inconsistent with the values espoused by their association and therefore had a moral obligation to move the game.  So, it was played in New Orleans. Apparently, New Orleans, being the bastion of morality and values, was a better match with the values the NBA espouses.  I guess Mardi Gras is more in line with the what the NBA thinks the nation should be like.  Who's really to blame them?  They certainly wouldn't host an event in Sodom, would they?  Of course not.  They'd just move it to Gomorrah. I’m sure glad we have the NBA as our moral guides.

And then there’s the NFL coming to our moral rescue.  After this year’s Super Bowl, played in Houston, they put the state of Texas on alert saying it may be a conflict for the NFL to allow the Lone Star State to host another Super Bowl if Texas passes a ludicrous law like the one in North Carolina. Such a law would conflict with the values of the league.  This will probably come up at some meeting.  After that agenda item is discussed the NFL might then consider moving one of its franchises to Las Vegas. I’m not sure what happens in Las Vegas because what happens there stays there, so I’m confident that the NFL has carefully vetted all the activity in that fine city and has concluded that it is all in keeping with the values of the NFL.  I feel like we are in good hands with the sound logic and reasoning that the NFL brings to the table in our search for goodness and morality.

So, let’s thank our lucky stars that we have two fine organizations thoughtfully and caringly guiding our nation in these important matters.  What would we do without them? But rest assured.  If the NBA and NFL stop dabbling in the morality business we can always tune into a Hollywood awards show.  Now there’s somewhere we can get some sound, consistent, and logical moral advice!

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