Friday, April 11, 2014

It's always brighter after the prayer

I've been meeting with a small group of church members early in the morning this week to pray.  We've been meeting in the church's atrium, a fellowship hall of sorts, and gather by a large window that overlooks the church grounds.  When we arrive, the morning is just starting to break - stars are still visible and just a touch of sunlight is noticeable.  It really is quite peaceful.  We visit for a few minutes and then spend about 15 minutes in prayer.  As I was taught to do as a child, I keep my eyes closed throughout the prayer and only open them at the final "amen."   It's quite amazing what can happen in those few minutes as the day breaks and the sun rises.  I noticed when the prayer is over and I open my eyes the world is a little brighter.  I commented to the group, "It's always brighter after the prayer."  Initially I was referring only to the fact that during our time of prayer the sun has risen, but as I spoke those words I realized that the same is true metaphorically.  Spending some time with God sheds light on our lives.  Prayer has a way of clarifying things.  Prayer has a way of pushing out the darkness and bringing the light of God's presence and truth.  It is always brighter after the prayer, isn’t it? 

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