Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Story, Chapter 28 - New Beginnings

When LeBron James burst onto the NBA scene after a sensational high school basketball career a well-known shoe company capitalized on his fame signing him to a lucrative contract. One of their slogans used to promote their LeBron James's commercials was "We are all witnesses." I suppose we were all to feel a certain sense of privilege to be living at this time and in this place to be able to experience this incredible athlete. And, as a basketball fan, I am, to some degree, honored and privileged to see such a talent - except when he recently defeated my Boston Celtics!

I've been a witness to quite a few athletic talents in my lifetime. As a Boston fan I especially remember with fondness and privilege watching the great Larry Bird, Bobby Orr, Carl Yastrzemski, and Drew Bledsoe. And as time passes I regale my sons with tales from my sports-watching childhood. I boastfully recite statistics and proudly recall championships. I was a witness!

I noticed that "witness" is a recurring word in Chapter 18 of The Story. The apostles appeal to their eyewitness observation of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection as they proclaim the salvation offered through him. They are proud and bold. They are daring and unashamed as they recall the teachings of their friend and their Savior. They see themselves as witnesses and it is because of this that the message of Jesus spreads.

Although we have not seen with our eyes the glory of Jesus we have experienced the power of his message. We too need to see ourselves as witnesses. We need to feel the same sense of pride and privilege that the apostles felt and boldly and unashamedly share with others what He means to each of us. We need to regale our children, our friends, our neighbors with the wonderful tales of the life-changing power of the gospel.

We are indeed all witnesses and that's just what the world needed then and it's what the world needs now - a band of believers willing to let the world know what an incredible Savior we have!

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