Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Chapter One - Creation

Creation has always been intriguing to me, especially the vastness of it all. I remember as a young child lying out on the grass on a warm summer's day looking up at the sky wondering how far it went and then wondering if it ended then what was after that. I couldn’t imagine a universe contained, but I also couldn't imagine a universe eternal! Even now as I look up into a star-filled evening sky it amazes me - the distances and sizes just boggle my mind. I figure there must be something behind it all!

Recently I've also been amazed by the variety of creation. All the different types of animals out there, each one with its own distinctive look. I'm no scientist, but I hear the naturalistic explanation of life and it just doesn’t seem to account for so much variety. If life happened by some accident then there must have been a lot of different accidents to produce all these different kinds of life. I figure there must be something behind it all!

Also, what about the earth that provides all the food for all these life forms to survive on? I walk through the produce section of the grocery store and am amazed at just how much this earth produces - all the fruits and vegetables year after year springing up from the earth to sustain life on earth. Another fortunate accident that this life that sprang up was able to find apples and bananas around to keep it alive. I figure there must be something behind it all!

The beginning of The Story lets us know that THERE IS something, or rather someone, behind all this world. "In the beginning, God…" The Bible never attempts to prove God's existence, it just states it as a given. And for me it's not a real difficult given to accept. Sure, there are times that I doubt, times that it appears to me that chance and randomness are in control, but when in doubt I only have to look up and around and evidence is all about.

As we begin The Story we start with the knowledge that, in the beginning, God is there and we can be assured that he'll be there all the way to the end.

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